3 Easy Ways To Stay Positive When Dealing With A Difficult Boss

“It will cost too much money and time.” “Your plan is going to fail. Your last project failed and this will, too’. If your boss is always making those statements, you probably have a negative boss. The truth is, there are different types of bosses. There’s the good, the bad, the crazy and the ugly. A negative boss ranks somewhere between crazy and ugly. Bosses in this category never believe any good will come out of your ideas, plans or projects at the firm. Well, the real problem isn’t just

Three Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Quitting Your Job — CNsteem

Hi everyone, I'm Omolola. I'm an entrepreneur and this is my business diary. Every week from Monday to Friday- I'll be dropping my thoughts on business, entrepreneurship, career and lifestyle. The First Episode is Three Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Quitting Your Job. You've heard this advice a million times. 'Start your own Business and you'll never be poor' Then you wonder why seven in every ten startups close after two years. It's a familiar story and it goes like this, J

Warning! 5 Ways Being Nice is Killing Your Business

You’re in a never-ending battle when you decide to become an entrepreneur. The battle of wills between you and your loved ones especially the friends who want special discounts and freebies. OK, I know what you’re thinking, you have to be nice to people. In fact, the internet is filled with stories of businesses doing random acts of kindness, giving out, making a difference and inspiring change in their communities. As children, most of us were encouraged to be kind, and selfless; that little a

Ibadan, Nigeria: A Violent Shade of Love - ErikawithAK Blog

The first time I ever lived alone was in Ibadan. It was a self-contained room in a partial two-storey building. Getting the house was a herculean task, it involved spending one month chasing agent after agent before I got the room. The landlord, who we all called Alhaji, lived on the second floor alone, his wives and family lived in separate houses all around Ibadan. The ground floor had four tenants, including Alhaji’s mother, a 97-year-old woman we all called Mama. I lived on the first floor

Sick and Tired of Failed Startups: 4 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Terrorists

This is not only because of the ongoing war against terrorism, but because of the thousands of people who lose their lives yearly to terrorist attacks (May their souls rest in peace). This article does not ridicule the issue or even extol terrorists. Rather, it exposes core business hacks that terrorists used for years to remain relevant. The following are four things entrepreneurs can learn from terrorists. One common thing with terrorist organizations is that all their members are brainwas